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Περιγραφή του Ola Lite: Lighter Faster Ola App. Book Taxi & Cabs

Ola Lite - Less than 1 MB, is Ola’s latest offering for Android and works great on phones with lower storage and in 2G and 3G networks. With Ola Lite, booking autos, taxis, outstation cabs and rental cabs with hourly packages gets easier and hassle free.
- Ola Lite uses less than 1MB on your phone
- Book taxi online in a easy and fast way!
- Now cab booking would take up less data as Ola Lite works fast in 2G and 3G networks
- Lite on your phone, lite on your pocket - get auto, shared cabs or sedans based on your budget
- Car rentals are also available when you need cab and driver to stay with you for multiple stops or just for convenience
- Booking cars for your intercity, outstation travel is super fast.
Book the ubiquitous Auto rickshaw at your door step just by a tap on the app
Ride with other people along the same route with minimum deviations, and cut down your travel cost by at least 50%
Save time and money by travelling in shared cabs on fixed routes
Small fares for short rides
Your everyday dependable taxi service
Sedans with free wi-fi and top-rated drivers
Cars having in-cab entertainment systems and consoles
SUVs with free Wi-Fi and top rated drivers
Book a cab and travel in top-of-the-line luxury cars like mercedes, audi etc. at unbeatable fares
Ride out of town at affordable one-way and round trip fares
Choose from flexible hourly packages to rent cabs driven by our top-rated partners
Ola is the most affordable cab booking app in India with fares starting from as low as Rs. 6 per km. Additionally, Ola frequently offers exclusive deals such happy hours, discounts, free rides, etc. There are also Ola Share Passes you can use to further reduce your travel costs.
So what are you waiting for? Book an online cab today and travel around the city or simply get a taxi for an airport ride hassle free! Book cabs from anywhere using Ola lite.
Note: To use features such as Select Pass Purchase, make payments using credit card and to use your Ola Corporate account, please download the full-featured Ola app
Visit our website for more information : https://www.olacabs.com/
Have questions? You can always reach us at support@olacabs.com

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